About Me

I've been teaching fitness and nutrition coaching for over 28 years and I've been a GRANDMA for 11 years. I'm an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach. My past Certifications from ACE, AFFA and IDEA also include PilatesGroup Exercise and Kickboxing.

I am also a Mom, Wife, Grandma, Sister, Daughter and Friend. All of these roles make me the person I am. I am not perfect - we are ALL flawed - and there are days when some of these roles make my life complete CHAOS! The simple reality is that I'm a busy, normal (mostly!) working mom with a LOT of responsibility. I, too, have days that push me to my limits. We ALL do!

I tell my clients all the time to strive to be better, not perfect! We work on celebrating small wins and saying something positive about ourselves and others. As women, we need to build each other up every chance we get!

My programs are all about being the best version of YOU that you can be, and to be a positive role model to the people that matter the most to you!

You may think that I just enjoy the word KICK-ASS. And I do! BUT, the reason I like it is because I believe KICK-ASS is what we should strive to be! And I don't mean that we should all strive to be grandma bodybuilders or kickboxers! To me, KICK-ASS means taking control of your life and your health and doing it in a way that is sustainable for a lifetime! It means being an active participant in your life instead of just watching others live theirs.

My KICK-ASS philosophy is centered around these concepts:

  • Know your WHY – What is your motivation for improvement?
  • Ignite your Energy – through proper fuel and movement
  • Conquer your Demons – Get past the “I can’t” mindset
  • Kindle your Mind – De-clutter your brain and your gut!
  • Amplify your Worth – Redefine who you are
  • Share your Experience – Self-improvement is contagious!
  • Shine! Be the positive role model!

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