Words from a few of my clients...

"I'm so freaking excited!!!!! I've lost 9 pounds while doing this challenge!!!! I'm eating food I love, exercising regularly and I'm feeling like my old (younger) self. I don't feel guilty with the food I'm eating---I could never feel good about Keto food even though I tried eating mostly healthy fats. (Working in cardiovascular health field, I always felt like I was slowly clogging my arteries). I love sweet potatoes but haven't had one in months before this challenge."

Medical Professional

"I’ve been training with Regina for 7 years now! I had previously struggled with some shoulder/back issues, so it was a big priority for me to find someone who would push me mentally so I could reach my fitness goals, but not push me to where I would injure myself. Regina has been the perfect fit for me and completely gears the workout for my personal goals. For instance, I like a leaner, toned look so we do a lot of circuit training. This really helps the workout be something new when I walk in the door instead of the “same-ole, same-ole” and also allows me to easily modify those workouts at home. From losing inches, to me feeling confident in a bikini over 50, she is an amazing trainer that I can also truly call a friend. You must give Regina a try if you’re looking to finally accomplish your fitness goals."

Business Owner

"Choosing to train with Regina has been one of the best decisions I've made for myself and my health. She has motivated me to accomplish things I would not have had the confidence to do on my own. I have a long road ahead of me, but Regina is the supportive, encouraging, and disciplined partner that I want by my side for that journey."

HR Manager

"Regina is one of the most dedicated people I have ever met! We lost touch after high school but we reunited about 15 years later. I had gone to my doctor and he referred me to her for weight loss. She got me in shape fast! I lost weight, learned how to eat better and I felt fantastic! Going to the gym to work out with her was a blast and I looked forward to it every day! We no longer live in the same town, so I now do her online workouts in my living room! She inspired me, as she does all of her clients, because she cares. If you are looking for an affordable way to lose the pounds with great workouts and recipes, she is definitely the one! I highly recommend Regina - you won't be disappointed and you will feel fantastic!"

Security Company Sales Manager

"My friend and trainer is amazing. During this quarantine, she gave me a workout that made me sweat and it felt great. I appreciate this hard working lady for the video she made for me. We cannot workout in person so she made me a video! Who does that? She does because she wants to see me succeed. She knows that I need accountability and that I do well with live instruction so she did that for me. She didn’t do it because we're friends. She did it because she has a sincere heart for her clients because she has a marvelous work ethic. Her workout in this time of Quarantine when I’ve just started to get momentum is worth its price in gold. Thank you, Regina!"

Medical Doctor

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