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Regina Gower

Personal Trainer, Nutrition & Wellness Coach

What does Kick-Ass mean to me?


 It means being an

Active Participant

in my life,

instead of just being a passive observer.


And that is what I want for YOU!

Do you feel GUILTY taking any time out of the day for YOURSELF?

Many women do!

But, let's face it, the world would come to a halt without women, so we need to take care of ourselves!

With just 15-20 minutes per day and my coaching tools, I can help you...

  • Gain confidence & self-love at any age without "self-care" guilt
  • Increase bone density, muscle tone & fat loss
  • Age in STYLE! No more aches, pains or hot flashes running the show.
  • Show up healthier & happier with your family
  • Cut cravings and overeating without depriving yourself

Aren't YOU worth it?

(Hint: Yes, you are!)

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Here are the Different Ways I Can Help You!

So, Why Choose Me?

I'm in my 50's, a Mom of 4 and a Kick-Ass Grandma of 3 with 28+ years of experience in the fitness and nutrition industry. I understand busy schedules and how it can seem impossible to fit just one more thing into your day. I also understand the body of an aging woman - the aches, pains and hot flashes! Plus, I have the wisdom gained from plenty of personal trials and hundreds of clients to draw upon.

For 20 years, I trained clients in a gym (click here to see an article from 2006!), but now train at my home studio and online. I focus on women, ages 30 and up, who want to be the best version of themselves, because that is what I want for myself as well! 

My exercise philosophy is to focus on the things that matter most as we age: 

  • strength

  • flexibility

  • balance

  • bone density

  • mobility 

  • self-confidence 

  • positive body image

I am not another 20-something who is just here to show off my body, and I will NOT try to convince you to do any extreme exercises - there are plenty of those sites out there!

I also don't have a full production team behind me - I run this site by myself (with some help from my husband) and I am here for you! I choose exercises that minimize the risk of injury - even when the moves are complex, I will show you modifications to simplify them - and put them into efficient and effective workouts that can be done in 15-20 minutes. I also encourage developing healthier eating habits through making small, gradual changes that will stick.

I hope you will let me be part of your health journey and I look forward to hearing from you!


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