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Walking with Purpose

movement Jan 20, 2019

Video Transcript:

So, today we're talking about walking and how walking is really good for you. It has been proven to be one of the best exercises to maintain weight and to lose weight. But, I want to talk to you today about Walking with Purpose. Walking is really great for you to get moving. If you want to improve the effect that it has greatly, Walk with Purpose. And here's what I mean.

So, walk with me. And when you start walking, use your arms. If you start having to talk and breathe heavy, that's kind of the point. Use your arms and lengthen out that gait. If you need to, you can start out by setting a timer on your phone and walk for 30 seconds at a fast pace, and then walk for 30 seconds at a slower pace. Gradually increase it (the fast pace) to a minute, and then maybe do two minutes at a quick pace. Then, slow it down for a minute - just enough to recover - because you want to increase that threshold.

So I'm going to really pick it up just a little bit so you can hear the change in my breathing. Plus, this is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, breathing in some oxygen. Appreciate the beauty around you when you're Walking with Purpose. You can see I'm starting to breathe a little faster, a little heavier. Swing those arms. Breathe in through your nose out of your mouth.

And I would say, if you're just starting to Walk with Purpose, maybe just take a 10 minute walk. And make sure you stretch out those calves and hamstrings and quads when you get back to the house. Try to increase your time to eleven minutes, then twelve. Get up to 15 minutes. Eventually, you can get it up to a 20 minute walk. Try to do that about three days a week.

If you're already doing this, then Awesome! This is a great way to change up your routine. Bring some friends along or listen to music.

All right. So there you have it! Walking with Purpose. Make your time count. Get out there and get that heart rate elevated. Breathe in more oxygen. You're going to burn more calories and you get the benefit of being outside. Keep up the good work!


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