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Shifting Your Mindset!

mindfulness Apr 20, 2021

Mindset is a super buzzy word right now, but it isn't "trendy".  What I mean by that is so much of what we are, how we behave, what we accomplish, the goals we attain, the life we live....TRULY is based on our MINDSET! The way we think! 

"Whatever the mind can conceive and BELIEVE, it CAN ACHIEVE!"-Napoleon Hill

Let's look at this just a little deeper.

1st:  Pay attention to your thoughts.  How are you currently thinking?  If you take a few short moments a day to pay attention to your thoughts, you will begin to see patterns.  The goal here is to become better at understanding when they come up and what is the context.  This is the first step in shifting mindset.  It's not about "perfect thinking", it's about being aware.

2nd: Take time each day to pause and reflect, or meditate, set your intentions.  This doesn't have to take long.  Sometimes before I get out of bed, I think about my day and how and what I want to accomplish.  I speak words of affirmation.  Right before going to bed is a great time as well.

3rd:  Practice!  Practice taking time for self-care, gratitude, positive thinking and setting goals to help you shift your mindset to a more powerful and positive one.  Try journaling.  This doesn't have to be lengthy or take much time.  Just jot down your thoughts and then reflect on them the next time you take a moment to pause.

4th: Have patience!  As you continue to practice the first 3 steps, you will begin to notice the positive effects of your shifting mindset.  It all sounds really scientific, or maybe it doesn't, but it truly is just practicing these small steps and watching them all add up to BIG changes.

Also, remember that it took a long time for your brain to work the way it currently works. Years.  But with practice and patience, it will change!


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