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Tending to yourself is much like tending to your garden!

movement nutrition Jul 31, 2019

Do you remember the nursery rhyme "Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?"

Well, not very well if you don't give it the attention and love that it requires!

I have a large yard, with multiple garden beds and potted plants and flowers.  If I skip a few days of not watering them, picking the weeds/grass, or using an all-natural pesticide to keep the multitude of bugs away(and bunnies), my gardens would look like total sh*# and it would prove pointless to have planted everything!  

You might be asking yourself why this even matters to you(especially if you don't have a garden)!  Well, the truth of the matter is this...if you don't "tend" to your body and mind, the "weeds" and "pests" can take over.  

Have you ever awakened and thought, "Man, I have got to do something different! I feel like crap!"?  I have!  Sometimes getting older just plain sucks! But it doesn't have to!

There are ways to start making simple and small changes that are very beneficial.  These changes don't have to be dramatic or expensive.  When I mention getting more movement in your day, it doesn't mean getting on a treadmill for an hour or going to a gym and putting in a grueling hour and a half work out!  You can make life-changing impact with just 15-20 minutes a day!!!  For 15 minutes a day, I give my attention and full focus on ME!  I focus on making that 15 minutes count, so that I can reap all of the rewards! I don't ALWAYS  want to, and sometimes I even skip a day.  

As far as food goes, again, small changes over time equals great results!  You don't have to change the way you eat overnight.  Think of small changes that you can make daily that will eventually become habits!  Here are some examples:

*Try to drink one more glass of water per day

*Add in a fruit or vegetable that you don't normally eat

*Take out some of the white, refined products like breads and pastas and use whole or sprouted grains or vegetable pastas

*Look at labels and pay attention to how much added sugar there are in your food

*Think of food as a way to fuel your body

Last, but certainly not least, ENJOY your food.  Take time to fully taste it!  Your food SHOULD taste good and, believe it or not, it can also be GOOD FOR YOU!!!

I know that trying to live a healthy lifestyle can be a bit trying at times.  My oldest daughter HATES working out and admits it.  But, I promise, if you stick with it and pay attention to the way it makes you feel, it will get better and you might even ENJOY it! 

As always, if you need some guidance, or just want to rant  or ask questions, please don't hesitate to contact me! I love hearing from you and hearing your feedback!  You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or my website!

Here's to your health,

Regina, AKA, Kick-Ass Grandma


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