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Ways to Get Yourself Motivated to Exercise!

Always remember your WHY. Why do you want to workout?

It's not ALL or NOTHING! Do what you can even if it is not all that you intended.

Schedule your Workouts. Treat it like any other appointment.

Be prepared. Prepare ahead of time for your workout. Eliminate obstacles.

Workout to music that gets you going!

Invite a friend. 


Are you stuck in a rut??!! Need some motivation?  I totally understand - this is what I do for a living!!!  It can be hard to get out of bed in the morning to get a workout in before your work day begins, or to find time and energy at the end of your day! 

Here are some science-backed tips to help get you going:

*It has been proven that music can help "pump you up" for a workout!  According to a study by the National Center for Health Research, listening to music you enjoy can help you get going and help you get more out of your workout.  Try listening to music that matches the workout!  For instance, try cardio with...

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Empowering Women to live their BEST lives through intentional movement, healthy eating, mindfullness and confidence!

movement Feb 12, 2020

Remember when you were a kid and learning how to ride a bike?  Close your eyes and think about it for a second.  Do you also remember that first fall?  I do, I remember many falls!  But, that didn't stop us from getting back up and trying again, and again and again! Until, FINALLY, we were RIDING!  Wasn't that the most AMAZING and EMPOWERING moment of your life?!?!

Most of us as kids, weren't afraid of anything!  We had NO idea that swinging from that rope could ACTUALLY hurt us.  We played in the rain, got muddy, swam when it was cold out, and danced in PUBLIC!  And...we had a damn good time doing it!  

So, why, as we get older and become "responsible" grown-ups, do we stop "playing"?  Oh, I'm no saying that you should wildly abandon reality and run around like a heathen.  Remember the movie "BIG"?  Tom Hanks had such a good time being a kid in a grown up body, because he had no idea how he was "supposed" to...

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Stretching and Why It's Good for You!

movement Jan 08, 2020

Most people do not like to stretch and usually don't make time for it.

As we age, we begin to lose muscle mass, bone density and flexibility. Through exercise, especially weight bearing, we can not only build muscle and retain it, we can also reduce the risk of losing bone density.

But what about flexibility?

Stretching helps increase flexibility and improves range of motion, joint health, balance and coordination. And all of these help prevent injury - a major plus!!!!

Here are some stretches to help you improve flexibility!

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Where Does Fat Go When You Lose Weight?

movement nutrition Oct 30, 2019

People often ask me, "Where does fat go when we lose weight?"  It's definitely  a question worth pondering!  Would you believe that most of our toxins and by-products are released through our breath?  70% to be exact.  

Let me explain.  First we need to understand fat.  Seems like such an ugly word, doesn't it?!  Fat is actually an energy source!  Energy that is stored and used for vital processes in our body.  Our bodies convert fat to usable energy for building and repairing muscles, tissue, helping organs to function and metabolism.  When our bodies heat up, from, let's say, EXERCISE, this speeds up our metabolic process.  This aids in excreting waste (pee, poop, sweat and breathing). 

Let's face it, belly fat is the most stubborn fat to get rid of, and it is also a real health hazard. Extra abdominal fat increases the risk of heart disease, hypertension and diabetes.

So, what can we do about it?...

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Tending to yourself is much like tending to your garden!

movement nutrition Jul 31, 2019

Do you remember the nursery rhyme "Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?"

Well, not very well if you don't give it the attention and love that it requires!

I have a large yard, with multiple garden beds and potted plants and flowers.  If I skip a few days of not watering them, picking the weeds/grass, or using an all-natural pesticide to keep the multitude of bugs away(and bunnies), my gardens would look like total sh*# and it would prove pointless to have planted everything!  

You might be asking yourself why this even matters to you(especially if you don't have a garden)!  Well, the truth of the matter is this...if you don't "tend" to your body and mind, the "weeds" and "pests" can take over.  

Have you ever awakened and thought, "Man, I have got to do something different! I feel like crap!"?  I have!  Sometimes getting older just plain sucks! But it doesn't have to!

There are ways to start making simple and small changes...

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Home Equipment That Won't Break Your Wallet!

movement Jul 23, 2019
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Walking with Purpose

movement Jan 20, 2019

Video Transcript:

So, today we're talking about walking and how walking is really good for you. It has been proven to be one of the best exercises to maintain weight and to lose weight. But, I want to talk to you today about Walking with Purpose. Walking is really great for you to get moving. If you want to improve the effect that it has greatly, Walk with Purpose. And here's what I mean.

So, walk with me. And when you start walking, use your arms. If you start having to talk and breathe heavy, that's kind of the point. Use your arms and lengthen out that gait. If you need to, you can start out by setting a timer on your phone and walk for 30 seconds at a fast pace, and then walk for 30 seconds at a slower pace. Gradually increase it (the fast pace) to a minute, and then maybe do two minutes at a quick pace. Then, slow it down for a minute - just enough to recover - because you want to increase that threshold.

So I'm going to really pick it up just a little bit so you can hear the...

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