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Ways to Get Yourself Motivated to Exercise!

Always remember your WHY. Why do you want to workout?

It's not ALL or NOTHING! Do what you can even if it is not all that you intended.

Schedule your Workouts. Treat it like any other appointment.

Be prepared. Prepare ahead of time for your workout. Eliminate obstacles.

Workout to music that gets you going!

Invite a friend. 


Are you stuck in a rut??!! Need some motivation?  I totally understand - this is what I do for a living!!!  It can be hard to get out of bed in the morning to get a workout in before your work day begins, or to find time and energy at the end of your day! 

Here are some science-backed tips to help get you going:

*It has been proven that music can help "pump you up" for a workout!  According to a study by the National Center for Health Research, listening to music you enjoy can help you get going and help you get more out of your workout.  Try listening to music that matches the workout!  For instance, try cardio with upbeat tempos or feeling empowered songs to get you through that leg day.  Maybe you're doing yoga and you need some relaxing and calming music.  Whatever the workout, choose music that suits the mood! 

*Give yourself a little credit!  Set up some rewards for doing a good job at being consistent and "showing up" for yourself!  Everyone needs a little self-love, whatever that looks like to you!  It could be a massage or getting a mani/pedi with your gals. Maybe it's a weekend away with family.  Or, you finally buy that new expensive pair of tights that you want!  Huffington Post reported that giving yourself a real reward is an excellent way to help boost your fitness motivation.  So the next time you set a goal, also set what your reward will be!

*Check your goals regularly!!  Setting goals for yourself on a regular basis will help keep get you motivated and stay motivated.  As mentioned above!  Make sure your goals are SMART! That means they are Specific, Measurable, Action-oriented, Relevant, and Time-bound.  You want to make them measurable and very specific!  Here's an example:

S - Improve my cardio endurance.

M - Measured by being able to do 3 days of cardio routines lasting at least 15 minutes without needing to stop and rest.

A - I will do 3 cardio focused workouts per week and vary the type and time each day.

R - Cardio workouts will help increase my endurance so that I can do longer or harder workouts to reach my goal.

T - I will be able to do 3 20-minute cardio workouts without having to stop within 2 months.

Set goals that are realistic.  Once you have reached those goals, mark them off.  Everyone has different needs/ wants!  Make this about YOU and what YOU want!  GO FOR IT!!!!!

*STOP making goals all about the way you LOOK!  With social media at an all-time high demand, it's so easy to get sucked into the way we "should" look and how we "should" dress and the so-called "perfect" life.  There's NO SUCH THING!  Into everyone's life some sh** will fall!  Instead of focusing on how good you're going to look if you lose 20 pounds,  think of how good you're going to FEEL.  More energy!  More confident!  Less tired, because you're sleeping better!  A more positive outlook on life!  Maybe you get off medication!  These are the perks of living a healthier lifestyle!  Looking AMAZING in that little black dress is just the extra "

One of the biggest challenges with starting and continuing exercise is motivation.  Life is hectic and demanding.  It's easy to get caught up on other things and lose sight of taking care of your health.  When you feel this way...go back to yours goals...your "WHY"!  And remember...YOU ARE WORTH IT! 



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