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Home Equipment That Won't Break Your Wallet!

movement Jul 24, 2019
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What are you REALLY putting on your SKIN?

self-care May 08, 2019

This is one of my "Tuesday Tips" that I wanted to share with everyone I could!

I encourage you all to check out the Environmental Working Group website at They do a great job of rating the safety of household products, skin care products, foods and more.

I personally love Blue Lizard sunscreen. I also like Herbivore and Just The Goods face and skin care products. All of them rate well on EWG.

And, no, I do NOT receive any compensation for mentioning these products - I just like them and I hope you will, too!


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Coconut Shrimp Stir-Fry

recipes Mar 27, 2019

This stir-fry is easy and delicious!

It contains energy-boosting B-VITAMINS from the broccoli, red bell pepper and spinach and IRON from shiitake mushrooms and shrimp.

Download this recipe here! CLICK HERE

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Spinach and Feta Quiche with Sweet Potato Crust

recipes Feb 17, 2019

This is a great recipe for brunch, dinner and/or breakfast the next day! It doesn't take much time and it tastes AMAZING! It also works well as a meal-prep dish.

I have two teenage daughters who aren't really fans of too much "green" in their food!  They like romaine, but if I add too much spinach or kale, they try to ditch it.  So, I find ways to sneak it in my recipes.  This is one of them!  Spinach and kale are loaded with potassium, magnesium, vitamin K, folic acid, iron, calcium and fiber.

I have so many friends and clients who avoid foods like this recipe because they have a fear of "carbs".  This quiche can help get rid of some of your fear.  The crust is made with sweet potatoes! But aren't sweet potatoes a carb? Yes, yes they are.  BUT, they are a great source of fiber and vitamins B and C.  One of the greatest benefits of these root vegetables is that they are high in the antioxidant known as beta-carotene, which...

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Fiber Keeps Things Moving!

nutrition Jan 21, 2019

Video Transcript:

Hi guys. So today's topic is fiber and, yes, I know that we've talked about fiber before but we're going to talk about it again today. And the reason is because I just had my very first colonoscopy. Yeah, that was a fun experience! And I'm gonna to tell you right now it's memorable.

You have a lot of gas. And when the the pharmacist says, "So, this is an extremely potent laxative", you might want to plan on staying at home! Really, what he should have said to me is you might want to just stay in the bathroom for the next 24 to 48 hours because, oh yeah, poop your brains out! That's all there is to it.

But, on the flip side of that, when the sedation takes hold, you get to take a really good nap and you lose a few pounds, too, because you know you don't get to eat for a while!

But let's go back to that fiber and why it's important. The American Heart Association recommends that we have anywhere from 25 to 35 grams of fiber per day. Most Americans only get about...

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Walking with Purpose

movement Jan 21, 2019

Video Transcript:

So, today we're talking about walking and how walking is really good for you. It has been proven to be one of the best exercises to maintain weight and to lose weight. But, I want to talk to you today about Walking with Purpose. Walking is really great for you to get moving. If you want to improve the effect that it has greatly, Walk with Purpose. And here's what I mean.

So, walk with me. And when you start walking, use your arms. If you start having to talk and breathe heavy, that's kind of the point. Use your arms and lengthen out that gait. If you need to, you can start out by setting a timer on your phone and walk for 30 seconds at a fast pace, and then walk for 30 seconds at a slower pace. Gradually increase it (the fast pace) to a minute, and then maybe do two minutes at a quick pace. Then, slow it down for a minute - just enough to recover - because you want to increase that threshold.

So I'm going to really pick it up just a little bit so you can hear the...

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Sugar! How Bad Is It?

nutrition Jan 21, 2019

Video Transcript:

Hi. Today we're talking about sugar.

Ugh! Our arch enemy!

We are constantly bombarded with sugary, cheap snacks and drinks. Everywhere we go - the convenience stores, the grocery stores - the aisles are laden with these snacks and drinks that are high in processed, or even fake, sugar and have zero nutrient density. Even if you're not hungry and not craving it, you walk to the register and there's all this stuff sitting around and your brain says, “Oh, Yes! I want it!”

So, is it possible that you can be addicted to sugar?  We're going to dive into that in just a second. We all know that too much sugar and especially artificial sugar, is bad for us.  It's in the news every day. Diets high in sugar can lead to diabetes, high blood pressure, fatigue, heart disease and obesity. If we know that the sugar is bad for us, then Why?  Why do we crave it?!

Well, there is this thing called dopamine and it is a neurotransmitter in the brain. ...

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